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Hariyali Mulya

A project by Self Employed Women's Association(SEWA)

Brief about project and background : In Gujarat, SEWA NGO have more than 10,00,224 Workers, it widely spread in various categories like SEWA Bank, Unnat Bazaar, Gram Mahila Haat, Green Campaign (Hariyali Mulyaa). I'm developing and designing an Android App accordingly to their requirements. Hariyali Mulyaa is a whole system design in which people from Center location will manage and see the distribution of the Stoves, not just that but also taking care of all Surveys, Customer Load amounts and complains. The whole project is divided in three parts, Android App is one of them.

In Android App, The single app can handle multiple user login so that 20K tablets can be available for 2 different morning/afternoon shifts. Workers of Hariyali Mulya project will visit villages from their remote location and then Take a Survey of the Villagers about their needs of Cooking stove. When they propose the new Wooden based stove designed from Germany, Villagers can buy a stove at a same time by giving some Down payment of 2000 Rs loan. Villagers aadhar Card and other details will be saved on Android app offline, when they come back to the sub-zone office they can save the data to main server. This how whole paper work of Surveying, Selling, Inventory, Loan management and Feedback is solely replaced by one Android App which is designed, developed, co-proposed and co-conceptualized by solely me.

Designed and Developed by Neel Kadia