Ads in Healthcare

Critical and Speculative study of future Advertisements in Healthcare

In near future, when all of us will be wearing personal fitness devices which are smart enough to identify, understand and predict about us. Then in such world how will the healthcare domain use tools and technology for advertising?

alexa | 2018

Social Media and Computers | 2019

Fridge | 2019

Café | 2019

Public Garden | 2020

Crossroads | 2025

People are sharing their data with the government and private organizations in order to make their life healthy. You're surrounded by objects which keep track and give you subliminal messages to alter your decisions; which lead you to make better healthy choices. But in order to do that you're being monitored; to a very large extent so that you can get a healthy lifestyle.

They know almost everything about you...
· where you had your last dinner?
· were you late to fall a sleep yesterday?
· when & where you go for jogging?
· which route you take to go Home?
· what you eat for breakfast?
· where you park the car?

So, will you subscribe for such future?
Would you trade your privacy in exchange for a better health?

The choice is yours. Really?

Project Guide: Dr. Jignesh Khakhar, Mayank Loonkar.
Camera: Arnav Das
Actor: Arnav Das, Jinal Doshi, Kalyani Ingole, Pankaj Kumar, Urvi Shah
Location: Shakti Sandwich, Mahatma Garden, NID Campus and Faculty house at Gandhinagar.
Special thanks to Deepak Mallya and Suvani Suri