Where are you, Neel?

My location tracking in realtime, Publicly available.

Last seen :


Is this FindMyFriend for Android kind of thing?
Yes. You can share your location and anyone on web can check where are you.

Why you made your location publicliy avalible?
Because people like you keep asking me on Messengers & calls that Where am I? while I was busy doing intresting stuff. Now they can visit and check where I am.

What about your privacy?
It will be frightful. But I'm running this experiment for only few days.

What will be your next step?
Right now I am working on a bot which answers usual questions about me like Where am I? Am I busy? Can we meet for lunch/dinner? My bot will check the schedule and reply those people.

If I want to find your other work...
Ya, then you can browse and experiment with the stuff I made here.

What's your favourite quote?
I have many and here is the list.

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