Neel Kadia

No Image found Hey there! I am Neel.

Born and raised in Amdavad – India's 600 years old and culture-rich heritage city; that's where I also pursued my bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and masters in New Media Design from NID.

Currently, I am working at Google (specifically in YouTube as a UXE) in San Bruno, California. Before that I was working at Adobe in Design Lab. I have also worked with CFMG, NID, SEWA, and others on various domains like hospitality, logistic, healthcare, and even jail management system! I have designed and developed more than 55+ different mobile apps such as food ordering apps, gaming guides, dating apps, rollcall apps, EHR apps, museum guides, and whatnot! 

I like to travel different places and meet new people. I prefer mountains over beaches, cycling over bike ride and solo ride over group rides. Holi (Colours!!), Uttrayan (Kite flying) and Navaratri (Dancing under the moonlight) are my favourite Indian festivals.

Thank you for stopping by and reading here. Feel free to get in touch.