Assisted and Machine Creativity

Set of Intelligent tools & techniques to foster individual’ creativity

Inquiry: How can we leverage and integrate Machine Learning and AI with design thinking to make content creation process an experience for new creatives at Adobe?

I spent 14 months at Adobe and came up with various tools which can change your perspective about how you create the layouts, color/recolor your artwork, choose fonts, learn visual design and much more. The machine, which has a design sense, is going to assist you when you ask for. I have conceptualized a set of solutions, made feature prototypes, validated with users and filed two patents.

US20210110587A1 • Automatic Positioning of Textual Content within Digital Images
US20210103632A1 • Content aware font recommendation


NLP based Typeface Selection (Design)

NLP based Typeface Selection (Prototype)

Capture and Transfer Graphic Styles (Prototype)

TextFit (Design + Prototype)

Layout Generator (Design)

autocolor (Prototype)

Smart vectorization (Prototype)

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