Easiest way to report Child labour victim's information to nearest NGOs

Every one of us know what is the child labour, Most of us have seen one or more child labours at Tea Store, Vegetable shops, etc. In most of us, we worry about them, we donate them. Some of the active people from us would contact NGO and tell information about this child. These are the normal scenarios. If every people just send the information about a child to various NGOs nearby the area. At least some of them would be saved. We should worry more about the children which are forcefully bonded in various Factories. It includes sugar mills, Automotive industry and Water purifying and packaging plant.

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This app that can submit child victim's information to nearest NGOs. The NGOs which are not aware of the child, They will help and respond by their way. So, You need to just take a Photo of the Victim, You can add information about the victim and the Precise location where NGO can reach and take action on their own.

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